Sunday, 19 April 2015

Vintage Shopping in Los Angeles

So I am back from my holiday in Los Angeles and Las Vegas with less money but more vintage goodies!  I also got engaged!  But more on that later...

Firstly I want to say 'thank you' to Laurence, Emmie, Anniina and Janey who I contacted prior to my trip and who gave me great advice on vintage shopping in LA, Las Vegas and VLV. 

We only had four full days in LA and I wanted to cram in as much vintage and tourist sight-seeing activities as possible!  Unfortunately, I did not factor in the crazy LA traffic so we weren't able to spend as much time in the places we really liked.  Although I had been to LA in 2011, I didn't do much vintage shopping then so this time I was determined to do better.

First stop was Orange Circle with its classic America charm and plethora of antique malls - heaven!  I really wish we had spent the whole day here, it was so lovely but we just didn't have the time.  We got to visit Watson Drug & Soda Fountain for breakfast before commencing the shopping.

I had been told that the best antique mall in the area was the Orange Circle Antique Mall so we went there first.  There was one particularly good area with some great vintage pieces and I picked up a red quilted circle skirt at very reasonable price.  Before I went on holiday, I had made a somewhat lengthy list of "items to look out for" and I am pleased to say that I managed to tick off a lot from the list during my holiday.

Next stop was Elsewhere Vintage and Joy Ride Vintage - which are two vintage stores next door to each other and owned by the same people (one a women's store, the other a men's store.)  I have to say, I was particularly excited about visiting Elsewhere Vintage as I had heard many good things about it.  The staff were lovely but unfortunately they didn't have much 1950s clothing in there.  One of the shop ladies (she might have been the owner but I wasn't sure!) explained that they had quite a few buyers come in recently who bought up all their 1940s and 1950s stock!  Whilst this was obviously great for the shop, not so good for me as I was hoping to find some great pieces.  I did buy a cute blue nylon blouse from them so I didn't leave empty handed.

Joy Ride had a lot more 1950s stock in there and Alan bought a great shirt from them.  I would definitely return to both shops and hopefully they'll have more 1950s stock in there next time.

We also visited Villains Vintage which was a bit further away from the Circle.  I didn't manage to take any photos of this store and didn't buy anything from there either although they did have some good pieces in there.

After a quick lunch stop at In-N-Out (my first time there!!!) we headed down to Newport to Swellegant Vintage.  It made sense to visit this shop as we were pretty close to it but I hadn't expected it to be as good as it was.  We spent so much time in there and bought lots!  The staff were so helpful and could easily tell what sort of clothes we were after.  They had some great knitwear and I bought three boleros in different colours.  There were also some great dresses in there but they just didn't fit quite right.  Everything was well priced and I cannot recommend this store enough! 

By this time, it was later in the afternoon than we expected so we had a quick stop at Don the Beachcomber and then on to Miss L Fire in Los Feliz!

I must say that Miss L Fire's S/S15 collection is my favourite so far!  There are so many styles I could have easily bought but I settled on one pair.  The staff were also so lovely and helpful and we actually returned a few days later so I could purchase one of their clearance shoes that I am not able to get in the UK.
Although there were a couple of Vintage shops near Miss L Fire, we left it too late that day and had to return a few days later. 
Paper Moon Vintage is on the same road as Miss L Fire and is a must-visit shop!  Alan bought a great gab jacket for a steal and I finally purchased a Mexican Tourist Jacket.  I have wanted one of these for so long but really needed to try one on so I am glad I found one that fits in this store.  I found this store to be very well priced and we would definitely go back.

We also visited Vintage Vortex which is very close by to Paper Moon Vintage.  Alan bought a cool tiki shirt but I didn't find any good pieces in there.  It also didn't help that there were no lights on in one area of the store and the shop lady wouldn't turn them on for me!

We then headed to Burbank to visit Playclothes Vintage.  This store had so much stock!  There was some great 1950s clothing, accessories and jewellery and I bought some 1950s red cigarette pants.  Alan also found some great 1960s trousers from here - both things we purchased were really well priced. 

One thing I did find in LA was that, although we managed to find some great things in most of the stores we visited, I did feel like it was a little "cleared out."  We arrived in LA on the Friday before VLV and I know a lot of VLV attendees hit up the area before then and go vintage shopping.  I am sure if we visited LA at a different time of year, there would have been even more stuff we would've bought.

That's it for the vintage shopping we did in LA.  Hopefully anyone planning on visiting LA will find this blog post helpful!


  1. I am so pleased that you had a great time .........and congratulations!

    Look forward to seeing some of your new purchases in due course.


  2. Wow. Sounds like shopping heaven! Looking forward to seeing your new things. Congratulations on your engagement, how exciting!

  3. I'm blinded by colors.. and envious of you - for you were able to enjoy them in person, my dear! :)


  4. Congrats on your engagement! I saw when you posted about it on instagram, it's so exciting.
    I never remember to budget for serious shopping when I'm on vacation, I would love to have such a productive trip. It sounds like you made some amazing finds. I used to live in southern California, but I haven't been back in a few years; I think I need to make a point to visit just for the shopping!

    1. Thanks Jessica! As the vintage in the UK is nowhere near as good as it is in America, we knew we had to make the most of it whilst we were out there. I absolutely love California! :)

  5. Yes! Congrats on the engagement, again! Wow, how excititng!
    Hopefully w will make it to LA this summer, then I will come back to this post and read it again for inspiration!

    1. Thanks! Ooh that will be so exciting! Let me know if you want any tips for where to go (not just shopping!)

  6. I came 1 week before you and I cannot say that I found a lot... Sylvain bought more than me. Did you go to Long Beach? It's where I found most of the clothes I bought.

    1. Ah ok we never went to Long Beach so maybe that's why!

  7. Congratulations on your engagement. I look forward to seeing your purchases on the blog in coming months.

  8. Congratulations on your engagement!!! Looking forward to seeing more your holiday posts.

  9. Congrats on getting engaged!

    I'm sorry Orange didn't have as much as I had hoped for you! But it still sounds like you found a few things! And still sounds like you had fun!


    1. Thanks! That's ok, we still bought lots overall. Orange was such a beautiful place, really wish we could've spent longer there. :)