Friday, 25 September 2015

In Retrospect

A few weeks ago I was asked to review In Retrospect magazine by the founder/ editor Mat Keller.  I had first been introduced to this magazine earlier last year when I was given an introductory copy at The Mid Century Market.  Since then, there has been a successful Kickstarter campaign, which saw the magazine launch its first issue earlier this year.

Now, as you may have already gathered, I only really do vintage outfit posts on this blog.  However, I was compelled to share my thoughts with you on this great magazine.

In Retrospect prides itself on being the only magazine run by full time vintage enthusiasts and this really comes through in the variety of articles.  I never felt that I wanted to subscribe to any of the other vintage lifestyle magazines because the articles were not that interesting to me.  Having read the first 4 issues of this magazine, I know I want to start a subscription as soon as Issue 5 is out!

Each issue has a range of 'opinionated' articles, features on reproduction brands, factual articles on stars of the golden age of Hollywood, debates, features on vintage transport and dancing, as well as other topics too.

One of my favourite features throughout the 4 issues was the "In Focus" articles by Kerry Curl.  I really found the pieces on Vivian Maier and Bunny Yeager to be not only interesting but informative too.

Another one of the great things about this magazine is that it appeals to both men and women.  The vintage scene seems to be dominated by women (unless you include the vintage car scene too) and some of the other vintage lifestyle magazines seem to solely focus on women, however, this one has definite broad appeal.  My fiance read the magazines before I even got a chance and he was impressed by the quality and range of topics covered.

If you subscribe now, you will start with Issue 4.  A 6 issue subscription costs £21.60 in the UK or each issue is normally £4.50.  For international prices and more information, you can find out here.

I would love to hear your views on this magazine if you have read any of the issues!

Friday, 4 September 2015

Lilac and Gold

Apologies for the blogging absence, my laptop has been having some Internet issues!

Here is an outfit I wore a couple of weeks ago to the Yellow Vintage Fair.

Lilac isn't a colour well represented in my wardrobe but when I saw this 2 piece set on Thrifty Vintage Kitten, I was really drawn to it and knew I had to buy it!

I also love the versatility because it's a blouse and skirt so there are different options for how it can be worn.

I am also wearing my new gold Roman Holiday style sandals purchased from Rocket Originals. I saw lots of ladies with these on Instagram and although I already had a pair of similar white sandals, I just couldn't stop thinking about these so I finally succumbed and purchased them.   On their first outing, they tore up my ankles!!! I've since heard from other ladies saying that they aren't very comfortable to wear.  So even if they look great, I can only wear them with blister plasters! 

Blouse and top: Vintage from Thrifty Vintage Kitten on Etsy
Sandals: Rocket Originals
Purse: Vintage from trader at VLV Car Show
Bracelet: Vintage from eBay 
Earrings: Desperate Beatnik on Etsy