Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Atomic Festival!

So since my last post there have been a few changes in my little world... I have moved into a new place with my guy... and it's great!  I also have a new job... or I will do in a few weeks when I start it.  I will still be working in clinical research but in a different role with more responsibility (and more money!) in a different research facility so yay for me.  And I booked a holiday to America for 2015 (Yes, I will finally get to revel in all the VLV fun!)  And I managed to do all this in one week.  But now on to more important things such as....

Atomic Festival!  At the beginning of May, the first ever Atomic Festival was held at Sywell Aerodrome in Northampton.  I had tickets for the Saturday but I kinda wished I had weekend tickets because it was so much fun that I didn't want to go home on Saturday evening!

I am so glad that it did not rain... and although it was very sunny, it was a pretty cold start to the day!  This plaid dress was perfect to wear to this 1950s Americana event and I teamed it with my Rocket Originals wedges and then, later on in the day, my saddles shoes. 
This is actually the second Mr. Mort dress that I own.  The first Mr. Mort dress I have yet to wear even though I consider it to be one of my favourite dresses (how is that possible, to have a 'favourite' dress that I've never worn?!)  This one has a fully lined circle skirt and it's pretty heavy (it swings and hits your partner when you jive in it!) 
One of the reasons why I'm a bit gutted I was only there for the Saturday was that I missed the Poodle Parade on the Sunday.  I did get to snap some photos of this super chic lady and her lovely dogs though.
So I have to admit, I was not that enthused to see Demon Drome's Wall of Death but my guy really wanted to go so I went too... AND THEY TOTALLY BLEW MY MIND!!!  It was definitely one of the highlights of my day at the festival - the two guys and girl were amazing and I still can't get over the stunts that they did (they went so fast that I did not get any good photos but if you ever get the chance to see them at an event - DO IT!!!)
I love Classic American cars and I'm glad we got to have a good look around the cars parked in the field.

Not only was the Festival lots of fun but it took place at such a fantastic venue!  The beautiful Art Deco surroundings of the Aerodrome building and Aviator Hotel looked like they should be the backdrop for an episode of Poirot (rather than a 1950s event!) and I would love to go back one day to explore more of this venue.
There was so much going on but we managed to see The Revolutionaires later on in the day.  They were so lively and energetic, I hope to be able to see them again in the future.

To be honest, I don't remember much of Bobby Brooks Wilson's set at Rhythm Riot so I made sure I was right at the front when I caught him at Atomic.  He is so charming and sounds just like his Father, it was a great end to a great day.
There was also lots that I didn't take photos of, such as the racing on the drag strip, roller disco, Jive Championships, vintage traders, great food stalls...  Definitely an event I would like to go back to (and next time, hopefully, for both days!)
Dress: Vintage Mr. Mort from Etsy
Shoes: Rocket Originals
Sunglasses: Vintage from Vera Mode
Bag: Vintage from Etsy
Earrings: Vintage from Etsy
Bracelet: Vintage from trader at Rhythm Riot

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Cinco de Mayo!

There couldn't be a more perfect opportunity to wear my new Mexican novelty print circle skirt than 5th May... a.k.a. Cinco de Mayo!  This also happened to coincide with a Bank Holiday in the UK, although my plans to fully celebrate the day was thwarted by the fact that my favourite local Mexican restaurant was closed!

I acquired this skirt at the Classic Car Boot Sale back in London in March.  I did not have a lot of money to spend at this event and there was not a lot I actually wanted to buy there... that was until I found the lady with the pink Cadillac who had lots of vintage goodies!  The traders there weren't selling things at 'car boot sale' prices but I guess the novelty of buying vintage items from classic cars was the attraction rather than bargain prices. 

When I found this skirt, I measured it and found it to be my size, so I knew it would be hard to resist buying it.  But I managed to leave it for an hour or so whilst we had lunch before I ran back to Southbank to snap it up!  I don't go crazy for novelty prints like I know some vintage lovers do but I do like some select pieces and this skirt is definitely one of them.

The great thing about this skirt is that it has a few colours which I can match it with... and yet I have managed to be quite boring and worn it with a black sweater/ shoes/ bag on this occasion!

I also chose to wear my new Renoir copper set.  I have wanted a 1950s copper jewellery set for a while but it took some time to find the right set, in a design I liked, with screw back earrings and at a price I can afford.  I really want to invest in more jewellery sets but it is hard finding ones that are exactly right.

Skirt: Vintage from a trader at the Classic Car Boot Sale
Sweater: Repro from Rocket Originals
Belt: Vintage from Etsy
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens
Bag: Vintage from ebay
Jewellery set: Vintage from Etsy