Monday, 25 November 2013

Sunday Roast

At the beginning of November, I celebrated my Dad's Birthday with a Sunday Roast Dinner at a restaurant in Romsey.

I have been keen to wear this cute yellow sweater ever since I purchased it at the Bows and Braces Vintage Fair back in August but wanted to wait until the weather was cold enough to wear a sweater and it certainly is now!  I don't know if the details will show up well on my photos but it is a 1930s piece and has beading all over it!  It has been really difficult finding small sized vintage sweaters so I was really happy to see this was in my size!  I also couldn't resist adding another recent acquisition - the Bakelite Scottie brooch which I bought from Tamara Watts at the Clerkenwell Fair (she had some AMAZING items!)

You can also see the hat I purchased from Lou Lou's Vintage Fair back in October.  When I tried this hat on at the fair, I wasn't immediately sold on it but my friend convinced me to buy it and I am so glad she did because I now love it! The colour, the style, it fits perfectly!  I find it quite difficult to buy vintage hats because a lot of them look better on girls with longer hair, so whenever I see a hat that suits me, I tend to snap it up!

I am also wearing my new 1940s coat which I bought in Bath when I went to visit the Gangsters and Gunslingers exhibition.  It has such a lovely shape and also works really well with my fox fur stole (as I am sure you will see in some future posts!)

Please excuse my silly face!

Coat: Vintage from Vintage to Vogue, Bath
Skirt: Vintage from Classic Vault Vintage
Sweater: Vintage from Pret-a-Vintage
Hat: Vintage from a trader at Lou Lou's Vintage Fair Southampton
Bag: Vintage from Etsy
Gloves: Vintage from a trader at the Lace and Tweed Vintage Fair
Belt: Vintage celluloid buckle from Etsy
Brooch: Vintage from the Clerkenwell Vintage Fair
Shoes: Office

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Lace and Tweed

A few weekends ago I went to the Lace and Tweed Vintage Fair which is hosted twice a year in Guildford. 

Here is the outfit that I wore on the day...


The dress is a recent acquisition from Fab Gabs on Etsy and I am pretty much in love with everything in that shop!  If only it were all my size *sigh*... luckily for me this dress was my size! 

Although I am not a fan of the colder months, there is one good thing about winter approaching - I get to wear fur!  This fox fur stole is particularly practical as I can wear it with a lot of my jackets and coats. 

I hadn't been to this particular fair before but was told that there was some great vintage for sale so I decided to make the train trip to check it out.  I don't always travel so far to go to vintage fairs as they are not always worth the money or effort travelling.  There was some really great vintage on offer but I didn't buy much (a 1950s jacket for my guy, a pair of 1940s gloves and some 1950s cat eye sunglasses.)
There were also some very well dressed people in attendance (something I don't always see at local fairs) and I just had to snap a photo of this vintage lady in her autumnal dress - doesn't she look great?

Dress: Vintage from Fab Gabs on Etsy
Shoes: Vintage from Clerkenwell Vintage Fair
Bag: Vintage from eBay
Gloves: Vintage, gift
Hat: Vintage from Etsy
Fox fur: Vintage from a New York Flea Market
Jacket: Vintage from Ballyhoo Vintage

Monday, 11 November 2013

Toffee and Liquorice

Another vintage fair, another vintage outfit... This is the outfit I wore when Lou Lou's Vintage Fair came to town at the beginning of October.

I bought this dress and matching jacket from Dethrose Vintage on Etsy and I just love the toffee and liquorice check print.  I had been looking for a matching set for such a long time!  It is becoming increasingly difficult finding dresses in my size and then to have the jacket be my measurements as well has been a challenge!  So I was overjoyed to find this set in my size and at a reasonable price.  It is quite a lightweight cotton so I'm glad I got to wear it out without needing an overcoat before the weather got too cold. 

I also wanted to show you a better photo of my hat... it is very autumnal!

Dress and jacket: Vintage from Dethrose Vintage on Etsy
Hat: Vintage from Etsy
Shoes: Vintage from Beyond Retro
Bag: Vintage from Vintage to Vogue, Bath
Gloves: Vintage from Etsy
Necklace/ brooch: Vintage from various fairs

Monday, 4 November 2013

Steak snob

As you are probably aware from my outfit posts, I don't go out a lot in the evenings, mostly because there is not a lot to do in Southampton (or the surrounding area!)  Most of my clothes are therefore day wear.  However, I do enjoy going out in the evening (especially when good food is involved) so I thought I would share with you some photos taken back in September when I went out for a colleague's birthday at a local Steakhouse.

You might remember that I blogged about this dress back here when I purchased it from Sweet Bee Finds on Etsy.  The colour, the dreamy chiffon and the cute peter pan collar made me buy it immediately!  I also decided to team it with my not-totally-comfortable Ferragamos.

I also 'apologise' for the odd poses in these photos and the fact that I appear to be at an angle, I asked my Grandma to take them before I left for the Steakhouse and she is not used to using a smartphone camera!

And now onto the steak in question.... Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE my food.  And steak is one of my favourite meals but I will only eat it from proper steakhouses and wouldn't dare try to cook it at home... best to leave it to the professionals!  Vegetarians might want to look away now...

I always have the fillet and I always have the 11oz size but each time I always feel that I could have gone bigger!  I am starting to get hungry just looking at the photo...

Dress: Vintage from Sweet Bee Finds on Etsy
Bag: Vintage from Etsy
Shoes: Vintage Ferragamos from Etsy