Sunday, 1 February 2015

Designed for the Young Elite

In this post, I present another dress from one of my favourite designers - Anne Fogarty.  I have blogged about Anne Fogarty dresses before here and here

I now have three wool Anne Fogarty dresses (with the last one to be presented in another post) and I have been incredibly lucky because they were all bargains from Etsy and eBay!  I won this one for $20 on eBay as no one else bid on it (why?!!!)  Living in the UK, I rely on buying most of my vintage online but I rarely find such bargains.
It has a wool jersey bodice with a thick mohair plaid circle skirt and it is very cosy!
The other reason this dress is special to me is that not long after I purchased it, I managed to find an original advert of this dress when searching online...
I have never found an advert for any of my other dresses so was really pleased to find this.  The advert dates from September 1962 and it reads "Our own Anne Fogarty makes news in black and white with this dramatic dress - headlining an exclusive collection designed for the Young Elite."  Have you ever found any original adverts for your vintage clothing?
I am also wearing my new Miss L Fire Alpine boots.  These are the second pair of boots I have bought from them this season but I just could not resist getting these.  The first pair I bought will be featured in another post but for now you can feast your eyes on this pair ...

I really wanted the Havana boots that they made a few years ago but never managed to get a pair so was so pleased to see that they had done a very similar design this season.  Unfortunately, they sold out of my size on the Miss L Fire website during the 'pre-release' last year so I bought the Gloria boots instead.  Then last week, I saw these Alpine boots on Zalando on sale and in stock with my size... So it had to be done.

Dress: Vintage from eBay
Shoes: Miss L Fire via Zalando
Bag: Vintage from eBay
Belt: House of Fraser
Earrings: Vintage from eBay
Brooch: Luxulite