Thursday, 4 July 2013

War on the Line

A few weekends ago at the beginning of June, I attended the 'War on the Line' event held at the Watercress line.  I had always wanted to go to the Watercress line which is a steam railway line which runs from Alresford to Alton (in North Hampshire) and I figured it would make sense to go on a day when they are holding a 1940s event.

Although I see myself as a 1950s girl at heart, I do love the fashions of the 1930s and 1940s and do have some 1940s outfits (some of which have already been shown on here.)  The only thing is, with my short hair I can't do 1940s hairstyles any justice so I resided to wearing a headscarf on this occasion!

This is going to be a photo heavy post - it was a gloriously sunny day and so many people dressed up and looked fantastic!  I thoroughly enjoyed the day and would definitely go next year.

Me and Churchill!

I am wearing a late 1930s-early 1940s dress which I had recently purchased from Fab Gabs.  I have mentioned this Etsy shop before - it is beyond amazing!  When I found this dress, it was originally at the pricier end of my budget spectrum and I wasn't sure about purchasing it but when I woke up the next morning there was a 25% off sale so I bought it immediately.  You can say it was meant to be mine!  The dress does actually have a fairly big collar which I don't really like so I have tucked it in and I prefer this look.  What I love about this dress is the amazing swing skirt it has - it would be great to go dancing in!

The sunglasses were a last minute purchase from Topshop, so sadly not vintage.  I really want a pair of 1930s sunglasses but it is the kind of purchase that I wouldn't want to make online - some vintage glasses that I have tried on are really narrow so I am hoping I find one at a fair or shop some day soon.

I just love this lady's outfit (complete with gas mask box!) - and look she has a parasol!! At the time that I went to this event, I was desperately looking for a parasol and this would have been the perfect day to take one out as it was so hot and sunny.  I have since acquired a vintage parasol and it will be featured in some upcoming posts!

I just had to snap a photo of this 'vintage family' - I just love the girl's hair - so cute!

There was stuff going on at each of the four train stations and swing dancing was taking place at Alresford - it really reignited my desire to go dancing again!  I did do a Beginners Jive course at the start of the year but did not continue into the intermediate class.  It is something that I really want to do in the future and I am just working on persuading my guy to go with me!

All in all a great day out was had!

Dress: Vintage (Etsy - Fab Gabs)
Bag: Vintage (Vintage to Vogue, Bath)
Shoes: Vintage (Clobber Vintage, Bournemouth)
Gloves: Vintage (Fab Vintage, Winchester)
Headscarf: Vintage (free with some dress purchase from Etsy)
Celluloid necklace: Vintage (Etsy)
Sunglasses: Topshop


  1. You look so stupendously lovely, dear gal! Those round sunnies rock on you (I can never seem to pull round frames off, they just don't seem to work on my face shape). What a fun, fabulous 1940s ensemble!!!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. What a lovely post, I adore old trains!