Monday, 5 August 2013

Rally of the Giants Car Show

Last weekend we attended the 'Rally of the Giants' classic American car show at Blenheim Palace.  I had never been to the Palace before or a specifically American car show and this was advertised as the "Best American car show in the UK" so I was really looking forward to it and it certainly did not disappoint! 

The cars were arranged by era and my favourites were easily the '50s!  I don't actually drive (would really like to learn in the future but have never been able to afford it!) but I have now decided that one day I would like to buy either a Ford Thunderbird (one of the first generation ones!) or a Chevrolet Bel Air.  We saw a few of these and the colours were just dreamy! 

I love going to car shows and it does make me hopeful that I can own one of these beauties in the future!

So a little word on my outfit... This is my new-to-me Bobbie Brooks dress which I love.  There were two being sold on Etsy when I looked - one appeared to be my measurements essentially but was just too short in the bodice, so I opted for the slightly larger one which was being sold and had it altered to fit (though it wasn't altered enough and I still had to do my own adjustments!)  I have also seen this dress featured in a blog post from Vivian de Violet (unable to post links at the moment) and she looks lovely in it!

Although generally I do not care if a dress is a particular brand or designer, when I find a dress with a style or fit that really works, I do like to seek out more from that brand and I am keen to do the same with Bobbie Brooks. 

We didn't explore the Palace as much as we would have liked to but the gardens were amazing!  We walked by the side of the lake and saw the beautiful cascade.  Above is a photo taken in the Rose Garden and below is a photo taken inside the Palace Chapel with me standing at the Pulpit!  All in all a thoroughly enjoyable day out!

Dress: Vintage Bobbie Brooks from Etsy
Shoes: Next
Bag: Vintage from Etsy
Necklace: Vintage from This is Vintage in Boscombe
Hat: Vintage from Etsy
Gloves: Vintage from Scarlet Vintage in Bath


  1. Haha, before I read the whole post my first though was - hey, dress twins! :) Yep, I got the other one mine is blue and I was thinking about wearing it son (I will link you when I post picturs for sure). Those cars are to die for, I don't drive either sadly, I tried, but I have no talent for driving AT ALL lol!

    1. Yeah sorry I wasn't able to link you up - there is a problem when I post that means I can't select text! Very annoying indeed but would love to see more of you in this dress! I wonder what other colours it came in :)

      I'm pretty sure I'd make a rubbish driver too but I just don't know it yet haha!

    2. No problem love, I dont mind :)

  2. Charmingly beautiful dress! I love the sweet scalloped trim, it really helps this classic frock sing with eye-catchingly prettiness.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. What a fun day out! The cars and you both looked stunning! xx

  4. I just love how although you and Vivian have this same dress, the varied shades of blue make your outfits very different! The light blue of Vivian's dress has her looking like a darling daisy fresh country girl whereas in your dark navy dress you look like you're dressed for a day of shopping on Madison Avenue. Love it :)

  5. Lovely photographs! How fun is this car show? You look very pretty in your dress. Did you get a lot of complements? I find when I've gone to car shows not many people are wearing vintage. It's interesting. Your bag is also so very super cute!

    1. Thanks, I did get some nice compliments. I too was surprised by the lack of vintage wearers! A few of the men were dressed in 50s vintage mostly but hardly any women :(