Monday, 14 October 2013

Gangsters and Gunslingers

So I am taking a little break from the holiday outfits - hopefully you weren't finding them too monotonous! 

A few weekends ago I went to Bath, not just to visit the beautiful city but also to visit The American Museum.  I have always wanted to visit there but had never got round to it.... that is, until I saw that they were doing an exhibition called "Gangsters and Gunslingers: The Good, The Bad and The Memorabilia."  This got me super excited!  I have always been fascinated by prohibition era stories and being a fan of movies filmed or set in this time, I knew I had to go!

Here are some photos of what I wore on the day, the ones below are taken at The Royal Crescent.

I know for a lot of vintage lovers, autumn is their favourite season.  For me, I love summer but there is no denying that I love the colour palette that autumn brings.  Case in point - this lovely Jerry Gilden dress!  I wear it all year round (weather permitting) but wearing it this time of year, makes me look like I've made a good seasonal effort.

OK so excuse the awkward photo, but look at the print!

Oh! And I forgot to mention my lovely jacket!  I'm not really into designers and the label tends to be an after thought if I like an item.  I was looking for a 1950s little black jacket to wear with my dresses and to wear in the summer to autumn transition.  I did not have much luck on Etsy but then I found this jacket on Ballyhoo Vintage and at a reasonable price, I bought it.  It just so happens to be a Norman Norell!!  I'm surprised that the price was so reasonable!  I have dated it to late 1950s, according to the Traina-Norell label - I would love to hear from anyone else who owns any of his items!

OK, so back to why I am writing this post - the exhibition!

The Museum itself is set in Claverton Manor and is pretty amazing and has some lovely exhibitions - I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in American history (there was a to-die-for bedroom decorated circa Louisiana 1860!!)  I was really impressed with the Gangsters and Gunslingers exhibition too.  A lot of the items came from one collector - who had previously showcased his collection of Marilyn Monroe memorabilia in a previous exhibition (How amazing would that have been to see?!!  If anyone visited - please let me know what that was like!)

So here are some photos of what I thought was most interesting... please forgive my iPhone photos as most items were behind glass.

I can't get over the fact that Bonnie Parker was younger than me when she died!  I love this photo taken of her in 1933.

I guess I quite like morbid things, because I thought this was amazing (sorry that I have used that word a lot on this post.)  This is John Dillinger's death mask and you can even see the exit wound from the bullet that killed him.

The bullet proof vest that Bonnie wore when she died... obviously didn't work very well!  There are some gruesome facts about the nature of her death but you will have to go to the exhibition to find out (or you can read about it, if this photo comes up clear enough!)

And Clyde Barrow's watch that he was wearing when he died... again more gruesome facts surround why there is only half a watch remaining.... !!

I was going to do this post after my holiday outfits but as the exhibition is only on until 3rd November 2013, I thought I would do it now, in case there is anyone who would be interested in going.  The website for the museum is

Dress: Jerry Gilden Vintage, from eBay
Jacket: Traina-Norell, from Ballyhoo Vintage
Shoes: Marks and Spencer
Brooch: Vintage from...?
Gloves: Vintage, gift from my Mum
Hat: Vintage from Etsy
Necklace: Vintage from a Vintage Fair (can't remember which one!)
Bag: Vintage from Vintage to Vogue, Bath


  1. Wow that exhibition looks great! The actual vest she died in! spooky. Great post & lush dress. I have always wanted to go on a trip to Bath. Must make it happen, maybe for spring next year xxx

  2. Love the autumn-leaves-coloured-dress! Xxx

  3. Splendid ensemble, lovely lady! Isn't there just something about fall that makes you yearn to sports it's earthy palette from the very first to the very last day? I've been feeling that way stronger than ever this year. It's been a sea of brown, mustard yellow, orange, cranberry, gold, and dark greens lately around here, let me tell you! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Oooh fun! Sounds like my kind of exhibit! I love Bonnie & Clyde, it's totally silly. They were a crazy cute couple, and she was a swell dresser. Ok yeah, criminals. But dapper ones haha;) Your outfit is lovely, it makes me want to jump in a pile of crisp leaves. Thanks for sharing with us all!

    xo Sara

  5. honey, what a great post! what do i love most? the part about your gorgeous fall outfit or the part about the exhibition?
    i'm a maniac for bonnie and clyde. i would love to see this exhibition ... god! ... such a crazy, mysteries and stylish couple.
    your outfit is absolutely perfect. it's adorable from head to toe.