Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Total outfit lust!

OK so I just had to share with you some Etsy outfits that I am currently lusting over (but won't be buying because they are either over my budget or not in my size!)

Fab Gabs is an Etsy shop that I know a lot of other bloggers love.  I hadn't bought anything from there until recently because most of the dresses didn't seem to be my size but now they seem to have a lot of dresses that are more or less my size!

Oh my word this dress is amazing!!  Look at that see-through lace panel - a bit too scandalous for me to wear but I love it anyhow and would love to see how the person who eventually buys it styles it!

What an amazing print!  Although my favourite era is 1950s, there is something about these 1930s/ 1940s rayon/ crepe novelty print dresses that totally gets me every time!! 

Do I even need to say anything about these shorts?!!  They are beyond adorable.  The only reason they are not already mine is because I am not too sure on the sizing with these types of vintage shorts.

Oh and I am totally envious of the model's hairstyles!  It makes me wish I had long hair.

On a positive note, I did recently purchase this dress, which is now on its way to me:

This is from Sweet Bee Finds on Etsy.  Usually, when I purchase items on Etsy, I think about it for a little while, email the seller to double check the condition and then eventually decide I need it in my life.  On this occasion, I bought it immediately!  Sometimes there is just no hesitation and you know that if you don't buy it right away, someone else will.  I am sure this will feature in an outfit post in the near future!

I will be doing more of my own outfit posts very soon because I do have a few to share with you and I also have quite a few vintage events/ fairs that I am attending in the coming weeks.


  1. Fabgabs is always so drool-worthy, it's torture! This is the one I'm currently completely obsessed with... and it's my size, uggghhhh. But yeah, the money thing... *SOB!*

    I can't wait to see the dress you ordered, it seems very "you", especially the sweet peter pan collar! Plus, since it's sheer it'll be versatile year-round. Score.

    xo Sara

  2. Wow I love the dress that you are coveting - the detail at the back is amazing!

    Generally anything with a peter pan collar and I'm sold!

    Shauna x

  3. Ooohh, how I'm going weak in the knees for that dark pine green frock! That's one of my all-time favourite colours, yet seeing that dress, I'm reminded that I don't have one in it (or even close to it - my green frocks tend to be more grass or olive hued). Thank you for the lovely reminder to keep my eyes peeled for one this year (it would be the perfect colour to wear during the Christmas season!).

    Big hugs & happy Friday wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. I know! I'm actually glad it's not my size so I don't have to start thinking about how I can afford/ justify it! But yes it would be the perfect Christmas dress without being too overly seasonal!

  4. That first dress is insane!!! So gorgeous! The dress you got is super cute too!

  5. Omg, that last dress! Hnnnng! I am glad we're not the same size or I'd be asking you to give me a call when you get sick of it.

    1. It is so super cute! I am planning on wearing it to my friend's birthday but that isn't until September but I will be sure to do an outfit post when I get round to wearing it :)