Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Festive plaid

As I mentioned in a previous post, I want to buy more vintage separates and I have succeeded in buying quite a few vintage skirts in the last couple of months but as a consequence, I have not bought any dresses!  So this is another skirt post...

I did wear this over the Christmas period and it really is the perfect skirt featuring the best seasonal colours.  I also paired it with a Rocket Originals sweater that was a Christmas gift from my guy.  This sweater fits so nicely! 

You can also see my Luxulite set - I purchased the necklace first and then asked if I could have a matching bracelet made for me, which she did!  I love so much of the jewellery on her site, go check it out if you haven't already (I am currently coveting the 1950s style tiki necklace!)

Skirt: Vintage from Etsy
Sweater: Reproduction from Rocket Originals
Bag: Vintage from Etsy
Shoes: Marks and Spencer
Necklace and bracelet: Luxulite


  1. Lovely skirt! I just adore pieces like that which are patterned, but not so distinctly or uniquely hued as to be hard to partner with more than a shirt or two in your wardrobe. I could see this beauty working with navy, pine, mustard, grey, aqua, white, perhaps even sky blue, too (no doubt amongst others).

    ♥ Jessica

  2. the skirt is fantastic. it really reminds me on my fav plaid/check skirt (same coloure palette). i could wear it everyday, you can mix it with almost everything andi wore it over christmas , too.
    finding more seperates is something i work on as well. it's a great thing if you have a skirt you can wear in 1000 different ways ...