Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Saddle Shoes

I have wanted a pair of saddle shoes for so long!  At first I tried to seek out a vintage pair but couldn't find any in my size and I was quite reluctant to buy vintage shoes online without being able to try them on first.  So I looked to the reproduction brands out there and when I saw the Rocket Originals saddle shoes, I thought they would be the ones for me.  When I tried on a pair early last year, I was a bit disappointed because they looked too chunky for my small feet.  So I gave up hope in finding a pair until I saw that Morellos sold saddle shoes... and I got the chance to try them on at Rhythm Riot (which was a good thing too as the size 3 I would have purchased online would have been too small!)  They didn't have my size in the colour I wanted at the Riot so I waited until after Christmas when I finally purchased my first pair of saddle shoes...

I have always been fascinated by the 1950s 'teenager' subculture and the saddle shoe is the epitome of style of that generation. 

The wool skirt is from Fab Gabs Vintage on Etsy and has woven hash symbols throughout in white and yellow (which match perfectly with my yellow Lucite confetti earrings!)  I love most of the items in this Etsy store but most are not in my size (this might just be a good thing!)  But this skirt was my size and I knew it had to be mine.  It has a lovely swing style and I can't wait to go dancing in this outfit.

Saddle Shoes: Reproduction from Morellos
Skirt: Vintage from Fab Gabs on Etsy
Sweater: Gift
Brooch: Vintage from Clerkenwell Fair
Lucite confetti earrings: Vintage from Etsy
Belt: Vintage from Etsy
Bracelet: Vintage from Rhythm Riot


  1. I have wanted saddle shoes for EVER and think yours look gorgeous. Your skirt is pretty amazing too!

  2. I love your new shoes. I used to always want a pair of those, but never could track any down, it didn't help that I didn't have internet access! Cute brooch too.

  3. wonderful outfit! i always wanted saddle shoes ... i have a few two tones i got after i broke my foot ... but i never got real saddle ones ...
    your outfit make me want to buy saddle shoes ...

  4. They're fabulous!!! I wish saddle shoes were easier to come by in person these days. They were soooo popular for 30+ years, but then, by and large, vanished. It's great that a few brands still produce them of course, but it would be marvelous for us vintage wearers if more still did and if they were easy to by in any town.

    ♥ Jessica