Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Big Cat

I just wanted to start off this post by saying THANK YOU to all the kind comments on my last post.  I really do enjoy blogging and reading the comments to my posts and your words of encouragement certainly made me feel better as I go through a bit of a stressful time with moving to a new property.

So on to today's post... these outfit photos were taken back in March when it was somewhat colder!  I think I was trying to channel a bit of Audrey Hepburn in Charade with the red coat and the hat.

I tried on this hat at the Bows and Braces Vintage Fair in March and I immediately fell in love with it.  I never thought the pill box style would really suit me but this seemed to really work.  However, I did not want to spend too much at the fair so I decided not to purchase it.  But this just meant that I spent the following week thinking about it!  It is funny how the 'love of vintage' will drive you to lusting after such items.  By the end of the week (and having thought of various outfit combinations which necessitated the hat) I phoned up Gloria from The Little Vintage Shop in Lymington to tell her that I wanted needed it... only to find out that it had been reserved for someone else until the next day!  Gloria said she would phone me if the lady who had reserved it does not come back and to my luck, she did not return for it so the hat was mine!!  I was quite surprised because when I 'reserve' items in vintage shops, I always go back for them...

Despite all the desperate lusting after this hat, this is the only time I have worn it thus far but I hope when Autumn returns, it will be worn many more times! 

Dress: Vintage from This is Vintage in Bournemouth (also on Etsy here)
Hat: Vintage from The Little Vintage Shop in Lymington
Shoes: Marks and Spencer
Bag: Vintage from Vintage to Vogue, Bath
Coat: Vintage from a trader at Lou Lou's Vintage Fair
Gloves: Vintage from Etsy (surprisingly for me, the only internet purchase in this whole outfit!)


  1. Oh my, I so love this! The dress, coat and hat- so pretty!! Alex

  2. That dress looks incredible on you, I love the subtely of the hat from the front view.

  3. Fabulous hat. No wonder you went back for it!

  4. gorgeous outfit. the dress is so beautiful and so is the hat.

  5. Wow you look beautiful, amazing dress that looks so great on you!

  6. A really classic look, you look amazing! P x