Sunday, 11 May 2014

One year of blogging!

Yesterday marked one year of blogging! Woo!  I had been reading vintage lifestyle blogs for a while and had always wanted to set up my own but my guy had to persuade me to do it and I'm glad he did because I have enjoyed doing outfit and event posts over the past twelve months (and I hope you have too!)

Although I started out doing weekly outfit posts, recently it has become more of a fortnightly occurrence.  I still have many more outfits to post about (and I will be continuing to buy more dresses I am sure) but as I am looking for apartments to rent with my guy, my time has been spent looking for places and also spending money on homewares.  Inevitably this means less money spent on vintage clothing and accessories!  I hope in the future, when we have found a place, I will be able to do some Mid Century home posts.  I have already bought a few key Atomic and Mid Century items for our home but they now just need a home to go into...

Also, in the midst of looking for an apartment and buying home stuff, I am booking a holiday to America for Spring next year!  This is obviously quite costly and time consuming but I hope going forward that fortnightly outfit posts will be attainable.  I really admire those bloggers out there who do frequent posting and maybe once things settle down in my life, I will get back to weekly posts!

Anyway, back to my blogging anniversary, here are my top four favourite outfits from the past twelve months!

This is easily a favourite dress, it has a linen or linen-like material and I originally blogged about it here

As I mentioned in this post, although I love this dress, I don't wear it very often for fear of ruining it!

Good times in Narbonne (France) in this dress and I simply cannot wait for the first HOT day of the year, so I can wear this again!  Original post is here.

I am not a fan of Winter but this dress made me enjoy the colder days!  Original post is here.

I'll be back soon with some new outfits!


  1. Such beautiful dresses, I love the first two! Congratulations on you first year.

  2. Congratulations on your blogoversary! i've really enjoyed seeing all your outfits.

  3. Happy blog birthday! I loooooooove the yellow dress...and also really love those black strappy shoes! Good luck with the flat hunt!

  4. Congrats on your first year! I love love love all those dresses! :)

  5. Well done on your year of blogging! And oh my, what gorgeous outfits. So beautiful, and I love your basket bags. I wish you luck in home-hunting, and wish you luck in another year blogging also xx

  6. Happy bloggiversary! Hope you find the perfect flat with plenty of wardrobe space! ;)

  7. Happy blog birthday. Lovely dresses!

  8. Happy blog-o-versary my dear! So happy your man persuaded you to start sharing! xox Sara

  9. happy birthday little blog!
    can't wait to see all these dresses again in new combinations ... and some new ones ;)

  10. Joyeux anniversaire!!!!
    It's not easy to find time to blog for me also and it's even harder after soon 3 years!
    I have a full time job, I write for a french magazine, I have a house and garden to clean, I like to travel... I feel like I have never enought time to do all what I want... If my husband was not there I would have stop to blog last year... but it's OK to stop for a month or 2, you have your own life afterall and after you will come back with many great news!!!