Monday, 18 August 2014

Who wears short shorts?

Ooh man, dig that crazy chick!

First capri pants and now shorts, have I abandoned dresses and skirts forever?  Nope, but I do love these shorts!  I have wanted a pair of navy 1950s shorts for a long time... I couldn't find a vintage pair in the right size and the repro companies out there did not seem to make any navy ones so I was very happy to finally find these original 1950s shorts from Crush Vintage on Etsy.  I have bought a few things from them before and their items are always at good prices.  The shorts needed a little alteration as they were a little too big but they now fit great.  And I took them on their first outing to a picnic in the New Forest.


The summer weather isn't quite as hot as it was back in July so I haven't had many opportunities to wear this hat.

And these are my first Miss L Fire shoes!  I have wanted to purchase a pair for a while but could never make up my mind as to which pair I really wanted.  When I saw these cute sandals, I figured they would be great for my holiday next year and I snapped them up when they went on sale recently.  They are completely ridiculous, but how can you not love them?
Shorts: Vintage from Crush Vintage
Shirt: Vintage but I bought this so long ago, I cannot remember where I got it from!
Bag: Vintage from Etsy
Sandals: Miss L Fire Aruba sandals (currently on sale!)
Hat: Vintage from eBay
Earrings: Vintage from Etsy
Sunglasses: Vintage from Vera Mode


  1. You are too cute. You always look like you just stepped right out of the 50s, I love it. I'm really digging that hat, and the short are a great find.

  2. That's a great outfit.

    I love Miss L Fire shoes - the designs aren't always quite my thing, but when they're right, they're REALLY right. There's nothing else quite like them out there.

  3. yeah! for short shorts! they look awesome on you. the whole outfit looks so fun and summery!

  4. Cute as an absolute button!!! You are rocking those lovely, classic shorts fabulously, dear gal.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Love those shorts! And the sandals are fabulos. (=