Sunday, 23 March 2014

Autumnal hues in Spring

After my last outfit post where I welcomed Spring with open arms, it was rather hasty to say that I wouldn't be able to wear my winter coats again... It is safe to say that it is still cold in England and although we had a brief bout of warm Spring weather, I think it will be a little while longer until I can go out without a winter coat!

These photos were taken on a day trip to Brighton a few weekends ago (when it was still cold but very sunny!)

The colours in this outfit are perhaps more suited to a day in Autumn rather than the start of Spring.  I do love all those Spring pastel shades but I like to buy vintage that is practical and I find these colours to be more practical (at least in England!) than pastel shades (this doesn't stop me coveting all the pastel shade dresses popping up all over Etsy right now!)
This outfit also presented the opportunity to wear this hat.  I bought this hat in 2012 and have only worn it a couple of times (it has been featured in this post.)  Although I do really like the style, the colour doesn't seem to go with many of my outfits but I think it suits this dress.
Dress: Vintage from Luxie Vintage on Etsy
Hat: Vintage from Concetta's Closet on Etsy
Coat: Vintage from Lou Lou's Vintage Fair
Shoes: Topshop
Bag: Vintage gift from my guy
Earrings: Vintage from Clerkenwell Fair


  1. I love your dress, and your hair colour :) speaking of Brighton, I will visit it soon too!

  2. Utter perfection! Gorgeous hat and dress and you have rekindled my yearning for a red winter coat with fur trim. I must keep hunting!

  3. That is a great hat and it definitely suits the whole look! Everything works together wonderfully. I love the color combination and the different textures and patterns- I am always for an autumnal color palette any time of the year!

  4. Lovely hat^^ And the coat goes very well with your hair colour^^
    Greeting, Sandy

  5. Very sweet hat. :)

  6. I will reply to your comment here - I will come to Brighton in general to visit my boyfriend, but we will go to London as well as I haven't been there for ages since I came back from Wales in 2012, I used to live in Wales.

  7. who needs spring colours if you can have wonderful browns and oranges and blacks and yellows ... your dress is adorable. i would enjoy wearing it all over the year.

  8. Lovely colour combinations. I really like your hat, interesting shape and a glorious colour.

  9. I will take a look for sure at these Etsy shops because in your outfit dear you are stunning !
    I love Brighton I hope you enjoyed well.