Sunday, 9 March 2014

It's Spring!

So Spring is finally here in the UK!  I am very pleased about that because I am a fan of the 'warmer' months, however, having said that, we didn't have a particularly cold winter (I never saw any snow!)  It did rain a lot though so I hope we don't see rain like that for a while. 

As a vintage lover, warmer weather is certainly easier to dress for.  It took me a while to get into "vintage winter wardrobe" mode, which essentially meant that I didn't allow myself to buy any more summery cotton dresses and instead only bought wool/ wool blend dresses.  I did find some really nice wool dresses as well so although I am happy it is getting warmer, I'm going to miss wearing these dresses and my winter coats! 

My favourite winter dress purchase in the last few months is easily this one...

I bought this dress from Lucky Dry Goods on Etsy.  I almost always message sellers when I buy online, usually to double check the condition of the item.  When I messaged the seller this time, it happened to be the lovely Sara from Lilies and Remains who replied as she works for this store!  I love her blog as she has the most sensational 1940s style and she was so kind as to answer my queries and even gave me a 10% discount for a tiny flaw that was overlooked in the listing (even though it is so small I can't even see it on the dress!)
It's pretty easy to see why I love this dress... cute velvet collar, great fit, and the fabric has little yellow 'x' details woven into the fabric... perfect! 
I was in London for the weekend of Valentine's Day and I wore this outfit to the Clerkenwell Fair.  I managed to only buy two items at the fair - a pair of red flower screw back earrings and a beautiful Rhona Roy dress in the most exquisite celadon colour!  I can't wait to wear that dress but just need to find the right occasion for it. 
Dress: Vintage from Lucky Dry Goods on Etsy
Coat: Vintage from Lou Lou's Vintage Fair
Hat: Vintage from The Little Vintage Shop, Lymington
Bag: Vintage, gift from my guy
Earrings: Vintage Lucite confetti, Etsy
Gloves: Vintage from Lou Lou's Vintage Fair
Shoes: Marks and Spencer


  1. Gorgeous dress, no wonder it is a favourite!

  2. Gah it fits you so perfectly! Love love love that it ended up with you! Thank you so much for the holler;) I'm going to share this post tomorrow on the LDG fb/instagram (I hope you don't mind!)

    xo Sara

  3. OMG, the dress is so pretty! Perfection!! You are so lucky and you look grat in it! <3

  4. You look divine! Isn't it funny that I always find it easier to dress for the colder months rather than the hot! something about fur collars, tights and warm vintage coats I guess.

  5. That's a lovely dress, it suits you well and I love the red coat.
    It certainly does look as though Spring is well and truly here and that we had such a ridiculously mild winter into the bargain. I think I realised mid January that snow was going to be a no show this winter.

  6. What marvelously elegant, beautiful outfit. I am a die hard polka dot and Swiss dot fan, and especially enjoy it when the spots on the extra wee size as they are in this timelessly lovely dress. Really, this is one of this awesome frocks that you could wear nearly anywhere, anytime, in any decade and always look stylishly attired and so very pretty.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you very much for being the first person to common on my today's new post series launch post. It really is mad at times how much vintage prices have soared in recent years and I sincerely hope that this series will help counterbalance that in small part by rooting out some reasonably priced options for vintage lovers the world over to avail of.

  7. lovely polka dots

    retro rover

  8. I love the velvet collar. It makes the dress exceptional.

  9. What a smart look! Velvet is the ultimate winter fabric isn't it? and your 50's cocktail hat finishes the outfit so well. xx Shauna