Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Two great upcoming events!

Not an outfits post but an events post...

The first of these two great events is the Mid Century Market...

I was a bit disappointed that I missed the first Mid Century Market which took place a few weeks before Christmas (but I was pretty low on funds in December!)  So I am very much looking forward to going to this one and it just so happens to be on my Birthday - Saturday 12th April! 

What I like about this type of event is that it is era-specific.  I try to go to a lot of local vintage fairs and although I do find some good stuff there, the items on sale usually span a few decades (usually 1920s-1980s) which means that it becomes harder to find the items of the era I really want (i.e. 1950s!)  As the name suggests, the Mid Century Market only has traders selling 1950s era vintage and vintage inspired items, which is pretty good in my opinion!

You can find out more about this event and the other events that Bettina Scarlett does here.

The next event is also something I am super excited about...

If I was to dream up my perfect vintage festival, this would pretty much be it!  Concentrating on my favourite era - 1946-1962 - Atomic Festival really is shaping up to be the UK's vintage event of the year!  It is a two day event on Saturday 3rd May and Sunday 4th May and I have got tickets for the Saturday (unlike weekenders, you can get one day tickets!) 

Early bird tickets have sold out now but you can still get your hands on the Advance tickets at £39 per day but be quick, they are sure to sell out soon too!

Check out the website here.

Not only do both events have a lot on offer, it will be a great opportunity to meet fellow vintage lovers.  If you happen to be going to either event, let me know!


  1. Atomic looks awesome. If I didn't already have a tonne of things going on at that time of year, I'd be sorely tempted to go camping.

  2. i hope you have a lot of fun at these fabulous loking events!

  3. I just discovered your blog from your comment on mine. Imagine my surprise when my wordpress inbox said that I had a comment from Shauna- that's my name too. I'm not sure about modern day UK but it is REALLY uncommon here in Australia.

    I'm very impressed by the idea of a fair dedicated solely to the atomic era- so jealous- we don't have the likes of it here.

    xx Shauna

    1. The name is pretty uncommon here too!

      I'm sooo excited for Atomic Festival! I'll be sure to do a blog post after I've been :) x