Sunday, 20 July 2014

Southsea Common

It was good to read your comments from my previous post about having too many floral print dresses and just to show you that I haven't completely gone off 1950s floral prints, here is an outfit I wore a few weeks ago...

These photos were taken on a lovely sunny day spent in Southsea (and you can see Southsea Common in the background.)
Following on from my last post, I know that I will still buy 1950s floral print dresses in the future but I like to find ones that are a little different.  I like the print of this one in particular because I don't own any other dresses that look similar.
For those of you who have been reading my blog posts for a little may remember this post which I did last year.  When I went to London last August, I went to Judy's Fair at Spitalfields where I met a girl promoting the fair.  I absolutely loved her dress and took a photo of her in it (which I included in the post.)  Then a couple months ago, I saw that the same girl was selling some of her clothes on OLL.  I did think if she was to ever sell this dress then I would need to buy it... and luckily for me, she was selling it and I bought it from her!  As she is a similar size to me, I knew it would fit (and it does) and I have since bought other things from her (I love finding someone in my size who is selling off their vintage wardrobe!)
Dress: Vintage from Ooh La La! Vintage Swap and Sell Shop (Facebook group)
Shoes: Rocket Originals
Bag: Vintage from Etsy
Sunglasses: Vintage from Vera Mode
Bracelet: Vintage from eBay
Parasol: Vintage from trader at the Crikey! It's Vintage Fair
Earrings: Vintage from Ooh La La! Vintage Swap and Sell Shop (Facebook group)



  1. I've been drooling over paper parasols like that one. I mean, sunscreen is great and all, but who can say no an extra accessory? And since I don't care as much if people laugh at me for carrying one, maybe I'll go ahead and spring for one.
    This is such a cute look for you. I love all the bright yellows and reds and blues, it really suits you.

    1. I love this parasol but yeah there aren't a lot of opportunities to use it in England!

  2. A great outfit and such a beautiful parasol! I want one of those! The woven bag is another great touch :)

  3. That dress looks really amazing on you, great colors, you totally rock it! X

  4. Lovely colours in the dress and such gloriously sunny photos!

  5. i love the story behind this dress. you were really lucky that you found her selling her beautiful dress at the right time, before someone else could have snapped it!
    the floral print is absolutely lovely. good buy!

    1. Yes, I do count myself very lucky to see that she was selling this dress and get in there first! :)