Sunday, 19 May 2013

An evening at Port Solent

I went out for dinner in Port Solent last night.  I did not fancy wearing a dress so decided to wear my 1930s rayon crepe blouse with some lace shorts from Topshop which remind me of 1930s tap pants (if only!)  I did not want to dress up too fancy so I wore low heels and did not wear a hat or headpiece. 

You can't really see the details of this blouse or the bag clearly in these photos so I thought I would show you some photos of them individually

The blouse is amazing!  Beautiful material and it fits so perfectly like it was made for me!  I love the cute buttons and the sequin collar and cuffs.  Unfortunately some of the sequins from the collar have disappeared so I will probably need to stitch some new ones on in the future.  This picture really does not do the blouse justice I promise!

This photo is courtesy of Bohemian Bisoux on Etsy, where I purchased it from.  The photo that I took did not show up the true berry colour!  I love the lucite handle but the only problem is that the clasp is broken so I don't like to take it out often.

I forgot to get a photo of what I ate - the Seafood Platter - so I will try harder next time!


  1. cute look. the blouse is perfect. it really loks like its just made for you. great find!

  2. Love this outfit! The blouse with shorts is a genius pairing. It's striking, but not overly dressy. *Bravo*