Thursday, 23 May 2013

Goodwood Revival 2012

So as I mentioned previously, I do have a backlog of photos from previous outings that I would like to share - most of these have been from this year but I also wanted to share some photos from last year's Goodwood Revival event.

This was the first time that I had been to Goodwood, despite having wanted to go for many years!  I went on the Sunday, though the Saturday looked like it had better weather.  It was amazing to see so many well dressed vintage ladies and gents!  If I had this blog back then, then I would have definitely have asked to take some photos of the other festival goers. 

As I'm a 50s girl, that is the look that I went with.  I wore a Jonathan Logan 50s dress which is one of my favourite dresses because it just fits so well!  I purchased it on Etsy and I have been scouring Etsy ever since to find another one of his dresses but I have not found one that I like in my size so far (it will happen one day!)  The headpiece is actually 1930s but shhh! I thought it looked well with my outfit and I love navy.  The bag is 1950s from Vintage to Vogue in Bath - another one of my favourite items because I have not seen a similar patchwork snakeskin bag anywhere else.  The shoes were not vintage - I don't think I would have been happy wearing vintage shoes anyway because most of the day I was walking on grass and I wouldn't want to ruin any vintage shoes!  Gloves are vintage, purchased from a vintage fair in Lymington.  Oh and the fox fur which you will see time and time again because it just goes with everything!


I am a fan of classic cars, even if I can't actually drive myself! 

The shops they had did have some good stuff but it was on the expensive side so I did not purchase anything whilst I was there.

In the afternoon, I got approached to be part of the "Best Dressed Competition" - which was quite exciting!  I had my photo taken in a booth and then from that, I was selected to be part of the competition later on in the afternoon.  Although I did not win, it was great to be in the company of so many vintage fans!

The lady in the middle won, though my favourite outfit was the one on the right! This photo is courtesy of the Goodwood Revival website (as is the one below.)

And this is the photo that was taken in the booth.

I am not sure if I am going this year, I will have to decide nearer to the time!

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  1. this whole outfit is fabulous, gal! every sinle piece is so beautiful and lovely.